Monday, August 8, 2011

New Mechanism for Complaint Management in IT.Labs

 New Mechanism for Complaint Management in IT.Labs established under the Directorate of IT Labs project.

A letter from Secretary, School Education Department about "New Mechanism for Complaint Management in IT.Labs established under the Directorate of IT Labs project". is attach here.

                      Government of the Punjab established 4286 IT Labs in secondary / higher secondary schools across the province, during financial year 2009-2010, under the IT Labs Project. All items provided in these labs (computers, printers, air conditioner, internet connectivity etc.) are under managed services contract for a period of three years. During the contract period, all concerned firms are responsible to provide on-site back up services along with replacement of parts, if required, without any charge from the school administration. All the equipment deployed in these labs is properly sealed by the contractors and as such under warranty for period of three years i.e. up to 31-12-2012. This warranty shall be void if the supplier's seals on the equipment are broken. Hence the equipment must not be opened by any person other than authorized engineer from the concerned firm.
2.                     So far, the schools users have been contacting concerned firms (Megaplus, Siemens, Inbox, New Horizon, PEL and PTCL, as the case may be) directly for warranty claims, as per procedure communicated to the schools by Directorate of IT Labs Project through concerned DMOs / Focal Persons. With a view to improving the quality of back up services, the Complaint Management System has been changed. From 01-07-2011 onwards, the schools users (head teachers, lab inchages etc.) shall register their complaints with respect to all equipment provided in the lab (computers, printers, air conditioner, internet connectivity etc.) directly to the help desk established in the Directorate of IT Labs Project on Phone Numbers 042 – 35 755 143 and 35 755 144. The caller should make sure that following information is readily available with him before making the call:
i.                    EMIS Code of the School;
ii.                  Names of the School, Tehsil and District;
iii.                Name and Contact Number(s) of the Complainant;
iv.                 Serial Number of the affected item / equipment; and
v.                   Problem in the item / equipment
3.                     In case any further clarification is required in this regard, an email may be sent to The District Monitoring Officers, being Focal Persons for IT Labs located in their respective districts, are requested to communicate these instructions to all head teachers and Lab Incharges of the schools where IT Labs have been established under the Directorate of IT Labs Project. Strict compliance may be ensured.

Scanned copy of a letter issued under signature of the Secretary School education department in this regard is attached for ready reference. You are requested to transmit this information to all IT Teachers / Lab Incharges in your respective districts, for strict compliance w.e.f. 01-07-2011.


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