Sunday, September 11, 2011

Call for All Teachers of Punjab to refuse to perform additional duty

Here is call by the Punjab Teachers Association for the All Teachers of Punjab to refuse to perform additional duty Because our main union
All Punjab Teachers Association said not to perform extra duties. Here is detail of this news  is reported by the journalist Saeed Ahmed on Saturday, September 10, 2011 Whole report is Published in Daily “The News”  
 Talking to The News, All Punjab Teachers Association President Sagheer Alam confirmed that on the directives of the Punjab government, the concerned city district administrations have assigned additional duties regarding correction in lists of voters to teachers serving in government schools.

 The teachers serving in government schools all over Punjab have refused to accept additional duty regarding corrections in lists of voters on the call of their respective associations and unions. According to them, the decision to this effect has been taken in the best interest of students, who have to suffer due to absence of teachers from schools. 

He said that the additional duties were assigned a couple of days ago to more than 10,000 teachers. As a result of the step, students, both boys and girls, have to suffer and due to teachers absence the attendance ratio dropped significantly.

It merits mentioning here that around five months ago the government had assigned census duties to teachers and at that time too students had to suffer.

This is highhandedness of the government. Moreover, immediately after the end of duties of correction in lists of voters, a plan has been finalised to depute teachers on the duty of population census from October 10 this year, Sagheer Alam claimed.

Instead of deputing teachers on additional duties, he said, this work could have been taken from them during summer vacation, which would not have affected studies of students.

The APTA office-bearers have decided to boycott additional duties and a decision in this regard would be finalised in a meeting today (Saturday), which would be attended by teachers from all over the province, he added.

The APTA president said that if the concerned administrations would take action against teachers during the boycott of duties then they would start a protest movement.

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