Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rs 5 decline in oil prices notified dated Jan 31, 2016

Islamabad: Petroleum product prices decreased by 5 rupees were notified of the reduction in prices applied to 12 o'clock at night Express News reported the government will once again provide relief to the people of cumin in camel petroleum product prices notified. According to a notification issued by OGRA price per liter of petrol was reduced by Rs 5 per liter to Rs 71.25 after the price rises, high auktyn, high speed diesel, light diesel and kerosene prices per liter 5.5 has also been reduced to Rs. The prices of high-octane 75.66 per lytrqymt, High Speed ​​Diesel 75.79, 43.25 and light diesel oil price was 39.94 rupees per liter. The prices of the petroleum petroleum product prices reduced by 13 rupees, which was recommended in the global market prices of petroleum products is on the lowest level in 10 years.

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