Saturday, July 30, 2016

Financial Guidelines for four weeks induction Training of newly recruited Educators of different categories



Development, School Education Department has approved the subject training already circulated wide letter No.DSD/DD(P)/2015-277 dated 21-07-2016. The expenditure for the said training will be incurred strictly in accordance with following financial guidelines instructions:

Financial Guidelines/Instructions: Remuneration for DTEs/MTS/RPs as trainer will be Rs.333/- per day.

Master trainers (MTs)/RPs will be paid conveyance charges gos, 150/- per day as per actual attendance-sheet and no T.A/D.A. will be admissible to them.
Entertainment will be arranged Go Rs.30/- (one time tea) to each participant and trainer as per actual attendance sheet.
Miscellaneous expenditure including generator charges, charts, markers, certificates/name tags, etc. amounting Rs.10,000/= per Center for whole training under the object/head"AO3970-Others".
Stationery will be arranged so Rs.150-per trainee as per actual attendance sheet for whole training.
Head of DTSC will be responsible to deduct and deposit 1/5" of General Sales Tax (G17%) and IncomesTax (go.5%) and 16%. Punjab Sale Taxon services where applicable and also as per laws rules/policy of govt. Actual deposit receipts should be attached with vouched accounts,
original attendance sheets of participants and RPs/ MTs will be furnished with vouched accounts,
Attested copies of the pages of Stock Registers showing receipts and disbursement of stock items shall be required along with vouched accounts.
A consolidated summary of the expenditure to be incurred on training object/head-wise should be attached with original vouched accounts,
Each document of payment (acquaintance rolls, stationary bills, copy of stock register showing receipts&disbursement and refreshment bills, photo copies etc.) must be signed-and-stamped by concerned TE (A&F) duly countersigned by DTSC head with stamp.
List containing nomination of the participants duty signed by DTSC head should be attached with vouched accounts,
Unspent balance, if any, will be refunded through Bank Draft in favour of Deputy Director (Finance). DSD along with all vouched accounts complete in all respects duly authenticated within Two weeks after completion of training.
Checklist for Vouched Accounts duly signed and stamped be attached.
The concerned Regional Programme Manangers and RPM (HQ) will actively coordinate the training and ensure that all necessary arrangements including expenditure are made in accordance with financial guidelines as well as rules/policy.
It is further informed that the requisite funds as per actual requirement will
be arranged/transferred shortly/separately after confirmation of district-wise exact number of trainees/participants, trainers/MTs/RPs and training centers.
It is, therefore, directed that all necessary actions/arrangements must be
made in a transparent manner under intimation to Directorate of Staff Development Punjab on priority basis and also update the relevant record of accounts accordingly,
programmed, director
No. and date even A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:
1. PS to PD, Directorate of Staff Development Punjab. 2. PS to APD, Directorate of Staff Development Punjab. 3. Regional Programme Managers in the Punjab. 4. Deputy Directors (Planning) and (QA&ME) Directorate of Staff Development.

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